CNC Tube Bender Loading & Unloading

CNC Tube Bender Loading & Unloading 047

CMP offers both standard and customized solutions for fully integrated and flexible CNC Tube Bender Cells. We have a proven history of integrating various third party CNC Tube Benders and can make recommendations for the appropriate CNC Tube Bender for specific applications.

CMP's Standard CNC Tube Bender Loaders and Unloaders are filled with many standard and optional features such as:

  • Adjustability for Tube Diameter
  • Tube Blockage Verification
  • Adjustability for Tube Length
  • Mechanical Inspection of Tube End Forms
  • Vision Inspection of Tube End Forms
  • Custom Inspection Systems
  • Weld Seam Verification and Orientation
  • ID Tape Application
  • Armor Crimper Integration
  • Heat Shrink Oven Integration
  • In Process End Forming, Piercing or Notching
  • Bulk Hopper (loading)
  • Standard CMP or Customized Machine Controls

CMP has successfully integrated our Loaders to CNC Tube Benders of various brands, including: Chiyoda, Eaton Leonard, Keins, MiiC (Opton), Patriot and BLM.

Brochures & Videos

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    SHU CNC Tube Unloader

  • Image 049

    SHL050 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 050

    SHL100 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 051

    SHL200 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 052

    SHL300 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 053

    DHL100 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 054

    DHL200 CNC Tube Loader

  • Resourse Thumbnail

    DHL250 CNC Tube Loader

  • Image 055

    DHL300 CNC Tube Loader