Metal Tube Bending

Metal Tube Bending

CMP designs and manufactures Tube Bending Machines for a variety of industries. Tube diameter sizes for these machines range from 3/16" to 2". We can design and build these machines to your unique specifications, including the following available options:

  • Mechanical Inspection of Tube End Treatments
  • Tube Length Verification
  • Weld Seam Detection and Orientation
  • Custom Inspection Systems
  • ID Tape Application
  • Heat Shrink Oven Integration
  • In Process End Forming, Piercing or Notching
  • Bulk Hopper (loading)
  • Standard CMP or Customized Machine Controls
  • Vision Inspection of Tube End Treatments
  • Square & Rectangular Tube Bending
  • U Shaped Channel Bending

Brochures & Videos

  • Image 018

    Single Tube Power Bender

  • Image 019

    Dual Tube Power Bender

  • Image 020

    Stage Power Bender

  • Image 021

    Dedicated Tube Bending Machine

  • 141 Square Tube Bender - Trunk Lid Hinge _RS

    Square Tube Bending (Deck Lid Hinge)

  • 143 Syntec Bender DSC01851_RS

    Automated Hydraulic Square Tube Bending Machine (Rotary Compression)

  • tn_DSC02785

    Manual Tube Bending Fixture

  • Resourse Thumbnail

    Dedicated Bender for 2 Tubes on Flange - Conveyor Loader

  • T074 - Resourse Thumbnail

    Vertical Two Stage Bender with Coiler

  • T076 - Resourse Thumbnail

    Stainless Steel Tube Bender with Mandrels

  • T079 - Resourse Thumbnail

    Dedicated Bender with Heat Skrink Ovens