Custom Automation - Tubing

Tube Custom Automation 060

CMP continually partners with our customers in the development of new technologies being applied to the automotive tubing industry. As these technologies emerge, CMP ensures that designs are conceptually sound and that quality manufacturing processes are employed.

CMP has a proven history in developing customized manufacturing solutions including:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • High Volume Tube Material Handling Systems
  • Integration of Third Party Equipment and Devices
  • Integration of various End Forming Systems
  • Integration of various Tube Fabrication Processes

Brochures & Videos

  • Image 061

    Heat Shrink Oven

  • Image 062

    Tube Piercing & Valve Assembly Machine

  • Image 063

    Adhesive Application Machine

  • Image 064

    Deburring Machine

  • Image 065

    Robotic Tube Process Loader

  • Image 066

    Tube Assembly, Crimp, Leak Test & Tube Bend System

  • Job 2138 Projection Weld (CMA)

    Tube Forming & Projection Welding Cell

  • Resourse Thumbnail

    Tube Notching Machine

  • T071 -  Resourse Thumbnail

    Torque & Leak Test Feeder