Tube Bundle Assembly

Tube Bundle Assembly Automation 041

Utilizing industry standard robots, these projects provide a complete turn-key automation solution for a Fuel/Brake Bundle assembly. Labour intensive assembly operations are eliminated, productivity is increased and better control of the process is achieved. Well suited for higher volume applications, these systems have been proven to lower production costs.

Typical Features Include: 

  • Robotic Tube Loading System
  • Robotic Clip Loading System
  • Bulk Feeding of Clip Components
  • Jumper Feed System
  • Jumper Insertion System
  • Leak Testing
  • Destruct Tooling (for failed leak testing)
  • Automatic Bundle Assembly Table
  • Fallout Rack w/ Bundle Accumulation 
  • Cell Guarding
  • Colour Touch Screen HMI 
  • Error Messaging System

Brochures & Videos

  • Image 042

    Robotic Tube Bundle Assembly System

  • Image 043

    Robotic Tube Bundle Assembly System - 2 Tube

  • Image 044

    Robotic Tube Bundle Assembly System - 4 Tube

  • Image 045

    Robotic Bundle Assembly System - 2 Tube/Jumper Bundle

  • Image 046

    Semi-Automated Bundle Assembly Machine

  • tn_Overview

    Automated Transfer Bundle Assembly System