Dedicated Nylon Tube Bending

Dedicated Nylon Tube Bender - Large Corrected

CMP designs and manufactures Dedicated and Flexible Nylon Tube Bending Machines. These machines incorporate induction heat technology in transferring heat to the tubes prior to bending. Tube diameter sizes for these machines range from 8mm to 25.4mm. We can design and build these machines to your unique specifications, including the following available options:

  • Fixed or Adjustable Length Bulk Hopper & Feeder
  • Manual or Automatic Loading of Quick Connectors
  • Interchangeable Quick Connector Insertion Tooling
  • Interchangeable Flare Tooling (prior to Insertion)
  • Interchangeable Tube Bending Fixtures
  • Dedicated Tube Bending Fixtures
  • Fixed or Adjustable Heating Stages
  • Assembly Leak Testing
  • Fixed or Adjustable Tooling for Tube Length

See also, CNC Nylon Tube Bending for a fully flexible solution to your nylon tube bending manufacturing needs.

Brochures & Videos

  • Nylon Tube Bender 023

    Nylon Tube Bender

  • Nylon Tube Bender and MiiC CNC Loader 024

    Nylon Tube Bender and MiiC CNC Tube Bender with Insertion

  • Nylon Tube Bend Insert and Leak Test 025

    Nylon Tube Bending, Insertion and Leak Testing Machine

  • Flexible Nylon Tube Bend and Insert Machine 026

    Flexible Nylon Tube Bending & Insertion Machine

  • T082 - Resourse Thumbnail

    Stacked Dedicated Nylon Tube Benders - Heated Bend Die