About Us

Our Focus

CMP Automation is a medium sized, vertically integrated manufacturer of turnkey automation equipment, providing custom manufacturing automation solutions to various industries. Since 1988, we have primarily supplied the automotive industry, in North America and overseas, specializing in small diameter tubing automation.

CMP is considered a leading OEM in the automotive tubing industry, specializing in machine automation for small diameter tubing. We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions in the following areas:

  • Metal Tube Bending
  • Tube Stripping
  • Nylon Tube Bending
  • End Forming
  • Tube Bundle Assembly
  • Loading Systems for CNC Benders
  • Custom Tube Process Automation
  • Machine Controls Solutions

Over the years, we have continued to grow and strengthen our organization while diversifying the industries we serve. We now provide specialized automation in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Interiors (Seating & Headliners)
  • Nylon Tube Automation

Our History

Cambridge Metal Products Inc., known now as CMP Automation, was founded in 1988. Starting as a general machine shop the small company grew quickly when, in 1991, we were given the opportunity to build small diameter tube bending machines for a global company. Our interest in continuous improvement and a desire to broaden our existing automation capabilities led an expansion in the leadership team in 2000.

CMP has developed a vertically integrated business model based on strong design engineering, machine controls, procurement, project management and manufacturing capabilities. Developing these areas in-house became a necessity as the company sought to produce higher end automation and capital equipment for our customers.

CMP’s strong team of designers and machine builders has a long history in the specialized field of small diameter tube bending as well as broader automation. With our vertically integrated business model, CMP has become an industry leader in both Tube Automation and Automotive Seat Assembly Pallets & Conveyor Line Automation.