Automatic High Speed Tube Stripping Machine: CO2 Laser video


  • High Speed Tube Transfer <4.0 Second Cycle Time
  • Unload Accumulating Conveyor
  • Table Position Feedback
  • Tube Diameter Range: 4.76mm to 12mm
  • Tube Length Range: 600mm to 3500mm
  • Bulk Feeding of Tubes (300 Pieces)
  • Precision Tube End Locate
  • Pre-Strip Tooling (Rotary Knife)
  • Tube Blockage Verification
  • Quick Tooling Changeover
  • Reject Area
  • Colour Touch Screen HMI
  • Error Messaging System
  • Machine Guarding
  • Strip Length Range: 2mm to 8mm
  • C02 Laser Stripping (Nyclad Coating)
  • Brush Debur