Automated Polypropylene Peeling Machine

CMP builds fully Automated Polypropylene Peeling Machines based on customer specifications. The machine is servo driven which can automatically adjust to specified strip and tube lengths through HMI controls. Tubes can be loaded into a bulk hopper which allows for a labour effecient machine. A high speed tube transfer system allows each station to complete the peeling process with a low cycle time. Throughout the machine a quick tooling changeover design was implemented to allow for short runs and lean manufacturing. 

Overall Specifications:

  • Cycle Time: 4-8 Seconds
  • Tube Length Range: 900 – 6000mm (lower end can be shorter with shorter max tube length)
  • Peel Length Range: 25 – 600mm
  • Strip Position Increment: 0.1mm
  • Tube Diameter: 3/16” – 1/2”
  • Tube Capacity: 200 tubes

Stations and Features:

  • Bulk Feeding of Tubes
  • Precision Tube End Locate
  • Error Messaging System
  • Final Peel Tooling
  • High Speed Tube Transfer
  • Servo Driven Table Adjustment
  • Unload Inspection Area
  • Machine Guarding
  • Table Position Feedback
  • Touch Screen HMI


  • Brush Deburr
  • Reject Area
  • Pre-Peel Tooling
  • Tube Blockage Verification

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