Tubing Automation

Metal Tube Bending

Metal Tube Bending

CNC Nylon Tube Bending

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Dedicated Nylon Tube Bending

Nylon Tube Bending

Tube End Forming

137 (CMA13138_008)

Tube Stripping

Tube Stripping Machines 034

Tube Bundle Assembly

Tube Bundle Assembly Automation 041

CNC Tube Bender Loading & Unloading

CNC Tube Bender Loading & Unloading 047

Leak Testing

Tube Assembly Leak Testing Machines 056

Custom Automation - Tubing

Tube Custom Automation 060

Machine Controls

Tube Bender Controls 068

Servo Nylon Tube Bending

Nylon Tube Automation

CNC Nylon Tube Bending

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Dedicated Nylon Tube Bending

Nylon Tube Bending

Nylon Tube Bead Forming

Bead Form Station

EV Cooling Tubes: Rapid Prototyping


Connector Assembly & Leak Testing Machines

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Seating Automation

Seat Assembly Pallets


Seat Assembly Conveyor Systems

Automotive Seat Assembly Conveyors 081

Seat Assembly Carousel Systems

Automotive Seat Assembly Carousels 083

Off Line Seat Assembly Fixtures

Offline Seat Assembly Fixtures 085

Center Console Pallets


Seat Side Member Dial Type Assembly Automation

Title Page

Custom Automation

Headliner Assembly

Headliner Assembly Machine 093

Steering Column Assembly Machines

Steering Column Assembly Machine 096

Seat Frame Assembly Dial

Seat Frame Assembly Dial Automation 098

Robotic Tube Process Loader

Robotic Tube Bundle Assembly System 100

Adhesive Application Machine

Adhesive Application to Tube Machine 102

Bearing Cage Filling Cell


Reluctor Wheel Inspection Gage Cell


Robotic Inspection System

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Medical Tube Printing Machine

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Welding Automation

Robotic Mig & Spot Welding Cell

Job 15069 Spot Welding

Auto End-Form, Bend and Weld Cell

137 (CMA13138_008)

Robotic Mig Welding Cells


CMP Automation has moved to Kitchener, Ontario on April 30, 2021

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Robotic Spot, Mig & Drawn Arc Weld Cells

Robotic Mig Weld Cells (Primary Image)

Projection Weld Machine

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Oil & Gas Automation

Oil & Gas Tube Transfer Systems


Oil & Gas Tube Hydrotester

Oil & Gas Tube Hydrotester 110

Horticulture Automation

Automated Seedling Transplanting System

Automated Seedling Transplanting System 116

Automated Plug Transplanting System

Automated Plug Transplanting Systems 118

Automated Bulb Transplanting System

Automated Bulb Transplanting Systems 120

Robotic Mini-Cucumber Tray Loading System

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Life Sciences Automation

Tube Printing Machine

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Yankauer Suction Tip Bending Machine