Seat Side Member Dial Type Assembly Automation


This Side Member Assembly & Weld Cell is a fully
automated dial type system requiring operators for
loading of panels, stocking of bowls, and
unloading of completed assemblies. The
system is designed to run six part types.
Assemblies are welded, inspected, marked,
and unloaded. Throughout the machine a
quick tooling changeover design was
implemented to allow for short runs and lean

  • 10 Position Dial Indexer 
  • Loading Station
  • Part Type Detection 
  • Link Presence Inspection
  • Tapping
  • Reinforcement Bracket Feed System
  • Bushing Feed System
  • Orbital Rivet Station and Feed System
  • Robotic Mig Weld Station
  • Part Marking System
  • Unload Station
  • Error Message System
  • Reject Area
  • Machine Guarding