Stacked Dedicated Nylon Tube Benders - Heated Bend Die

CMP Automation builds dedicated tube bending machines for Nylon tubes. This Machines has two dedicated benders within on frame for applications were floor space is a constraint.


  • Magazine Feeder Rails  (40 piece capacity)
  • Go/No-Go Window at load area to ensure Tube orientation
  • Tube Lifter to present Tubes to upper level tooling
  • Orientation Tooling for Elbow Fitting
  • Ink Marking Unit
  • Heated Bend Tooling
  • Omron Control System & HMI
  • CMP Bender Controls Interface MCS100 (Omron based)
  • Diameters 12.00mm x 1400mm long

For more information about CMP Automation’s dedicated tube bending machines please contact CMP sales.
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