Robotic Spot, Mig & Drawn Arc Stud Welding Cell

CMP Automation designs and builds robotic welding cells to customer specifications using state of the art technology. The Robotic Spot and Mig Welding stations use a turntable and a Ferris wheel trunnion table to optimized cycle time and increase production. The Drawn Arc Welding station auto feeds studs and uses servo technology to automate the welding process.  The following features are included:

•    Geometric Weld Fixtures
•    Spot Welding Cell with Turntable 
•    Mig Welding Cell with Ferris Wheel Trunnion
•    Control System
•    Touch Screen HMI 
•    Quick Tooling Changeover
•    Load/Unload Station w/ Light Curtains
•    Cell Guarding
•    Fume Exhaust Hoods
•    Drawn Arc Stud Welding Cell
•    Stud Feeder System
•    Auto Feed of Studs    
•    Part Marking