SNB100: Introduction to CNC Nylon Tube Bending Machine

Based on servo technology, the SNB100 is a fully flexible manufacturing platform for the bending of nylon tubes. Whether you need to produce low volume, prototype runs or high volume production, the SNB100 can produce multiple contours with changeover by HMI data entry.  Contour, heating and cooling settings are entered and adjusted easily to produce an accurate and repeatable contour. (Canada Patent 2924687, U.S. Patents 10035295 and 10406742, Europe Patent EP3285985)

The benefits of this technology are numerous.

- CNC Nylon Tube Bender
- Programmable servo technology
- Multiple part processing with one machine
- Prototype or production volumes
- Minimal tooling cost for new or changed parts
- Distribute capital investment over multiple product platforms
- Minimize prototype costs
- Rapidly implement customer contour changes 
- Reduced floor space
- Tube diameter range: 6mm – 18mm O.D. 
- Tube length range: 125mm – 1500mm
- This revolutionary, patented technology can change your entire cost model and propel you to a market leading position in nylon tube bending. 

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