Flexible Nylon Tube Bending Machine with Connector Insertion video


  • Flexible Bulk Feed Hopper (50 Pieces)
  • Flexible Tube Length: 400 to 1600mm
  • Manual Load of Quick Connectors
  • Flexible Insertion Tooling
  • Dedicated and Interchangeable Tube Bending Fixtures
  • Quick Connection for Pneumatics and I/O
  • Fixture No. 1: Bending Stage (12.7mm OD x 6 Bends)
  • Flaring of Tube End
  • Flexible Heating Stages-2 Position
  • Omron Controls with Part Parameter selection at HMI
  • Complete Changeover in <30 Minutes
  • Fixture No. 2: Bending Stage (12.7mm OD x 8 Bends)